Summer 2018 Picnic

Event Date

Please join us for a summer barbeque at 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon July 28, 2018 at Becky's home in north Seattle to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries that occur in July, August, or September.  Dinner is planned for around 2:30pm.  Dignity will be providing the hotdogs and hamburgers including meatless alternatives, buns, and condiments.  Attendees are asked to bring a dish according to the yearly quarter in which their birthday or anniversary falls: first quarter - dessert, second - side, third - salad, and fourth - beverage.  In addition to a potluck item and any folding chairs, you may also wish to bring an outdoor game including your favorite frisbee, croquet mallet, or badminton racket for possible mini tournaments.  Looking forward to visiting with you Saturday afternoon, July 28th. ... The Dignity Board